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Kate's Party

Australian's Love a Party
Kate Dawson, winner of the SA Gastronomy Competition 2003 - Food Art Category.

"After hearing about your competition, I decided to submit my piece of art, a plate of party food made almost entirely out of clay.

I think my party plate relates really well to the theme, “Feeding a Nation”- on the whole, Australian people love a party, and for most of them, birthdays are an ideal time to celebrate and come together, and this usually involves eating and drinking.

My party plate took me about 5 hours to make- first I had to plan and design it, then mould the cake, honey crackle, chocolate cakes and crackle, fairy bread and lollies from clay, later fire then paint them all, and then add patty pans, lolly wrappers and the candle, and make the drink from a glass, filled with expanding foam and straws.

I had a lot of fun designing and creating this piece of art and enjoyed every minute of it. I hope you like my entry!"

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