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Taste of Slow - Food Art


This is a competition we were planning to run as part of our involvement with the Melbourne Food & Wine Festival 2008.... but we didn't. So, here it is anyway for your information and do doubt we will run something similar in the future!

the competition

The Melbourne Food & Wine Festival Food Art Competition Create a work of art using or depicting food based on the theme “Slow Food”. The theme is completely open to your personal interpretation, which we hope will result in some amazing submissions. For example, you might compare and contrast the notion of Slow Food vs Fast Food? You could depict the life cycle of a slow growing foodstuff? You may have a political statement to make about the world wide Slow Food movement? Did you grow up on a farm and were you inspired by the agricultural production of food? Maybe you could refelect on global food economics? Perhaps you could link the theme to childhood obesity or childhood malnutrition?

Remember – whatever your entry depicts - you will need to explain your creative motivation!

The aim is for you to consider what food art actually is then your task is to communicate your understanding of the theme “Slow Food” through an astounding piece of food art.

the art

Food can be found in all forms of art and is depicted using a diverse range of media. Food and food themes are often used because food is an everyday item and therefore has the ability to convey meaning to a wide audience.

You will find examples of food in historical art works. Typically the images depict eating scenes, food production, food harvest or still life compositions. Your local museum or art gallery may also have many examples. Sometimes the food itself is considered to be art, like the decorations on cakes or the way food is constructed on the plate. Food is also used as the art medium, like sculpting with chocolate or butter. You may also want to consider Table Art (plates, glassware, ornaments), Restaurant Design (atmosphere, status) or Animation (advertising, comedy, techniques).

If the artwork you end up producing is edible, you could sell it and donate the proceeds? Perhaps your class at school could build a sculpture using cans of food then donate them to a food relief program? Refer over the page for some other examples and don’t forget to take a look at the food photography and illustrations contained in contemporary recipe books or food magazines.

the judging

Our definition of food in art is very broad and includes depictions of growing food, cooking food, eating food, feelings about food, working with food, tableware, cookware, and the food itself - cooked or raw. It will be up to you, your teachers or your school to determine the sort of artwork you may submit, we will accept whatever can be photographed and represented digitally (digital video or audio is limited to 10 minutes worth).

Whilst the judging panel does include some professional artists, the competition entries will be judged primarily on originality and creativity with respect to the theme rather than artistic techniques.

the rules

The Competition Rules! are available on our website and should be read in conjunction with this information. We will assume you have taken careful note of them BEFORE you submit your entry by email to

the prizes

Just for entering, a Very Funky Certificate will be yours! If your artwork happens to win, not only will you get some fantastic arty stuff for yourself, your school library will receive some new books as well. Your artwork will be dispayed at ArtPlay during the Melbourne Food and Wine Festival, highlighted on our website (if you give us permission) and published in an Anthology of all competition finalists.

the deadlines

Submit your entry by Midnight 22nd February 2008. Winners announced by Midday 08th March 2008.

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